Release Notes - PHP Driver: Library - Version 1.7.0 - HTML format


  • [PHPLIB-570] - Consult NamespaceNotFound error code in DropCollection


New Feature

  • [PHPLIB-497] - Allow passing hint to findAndModify update and replace operations
  • [PHPLIB-500] - Support for allowDiskUse on find operations
  • [PHPLIB-516] - Add client metadata support for wrapping libraries
  • [PHPLIB-539] - Allow hinting the delete command
  • [PHPLIB-544] - Support commitQuorum option for createIndexes on MongoDB 4.4
  • [PHPLIB-545] - Support authorizedDatabases option for listDatabases
  • [PHPLIB-547] - Implement listDatabaseNames and listCollectionNames


  • [PHPLIB-434] - Documentation for countDocuments MUST mention estimatedDocumentCount
  • [PHPLIB-496] - Test collection and index creation in multi-doc txns
  • [PHPLIB-515] - MR in Agg: Remove in-line mapReduce execution statistics
  • [PHPLIB-520] - Deprecate oplogReplay find command option from CRUD spec
  • [PHPLIB-529] - Remove support for PHP 5.6
  • [PHPLIB-530] - Test against MongoDB 4.3
  • [PHPLIB-532] - Sync spec tests for retryable writes
  • [PHPLIB-533] - Separate BulkWrite tests by operation
  • [PHPLIB-534] - Add RetryableWriteError error labels to retryable transaction tests
  • [PHPLIB-536] - Improve testing around default writeConcern
  • [PHPLIB-538] - Update comment in Transactions withTxn examples for the manual.
  • [PHPLIB-552] - Use sort when verifying contents of outcome collections
  • [PHPLIB-554] - Don't use admin database for FLE tests
  • [PHPLIB-555] - Test arrayFilters on non-supporting server for subsequent ops in bulkWrite
  • [PHPLIB-560] - Add tests for update/replacement validation in single and bulk write operations
  • [PHPLIB-561] - Drivers should retry replSetStepDown after "Unable to acquire X lock" error
  • [PHPLIB-567] - Test that ElectionInProgress is not resumed
  • [PHPLIB-574] - Fail CI build if mongo-orchestration cannot start servers


  • [PHPLIB-499] - Handle absence of 'ns' field in index specifications returned from listIndexes
  • [PHPLIB-522] - GridFS index checking should support indexes created in the shell
  • [PHPLIB-523] - Better document mongodb extension installation steps
  • [PHPLIB-524] - Link to CRUD tutorial from entry page of library manual
  • [PHPLIB-537] - Do not repeatedly resume if getMore receives the same error
  • [PHPLIB-540] - Ensure that the WriteConcernError "errInfo" object is propagated
  • [PHPLIB-541] - Remove ElectionInProgress (216) from ResumableChangeStreamError
  • [PHPLIB-551] - Do not add the RetryableWriteError label to errors that occur during a write within a transaction (excepting commitTransaction and abortTransaction)
  • [PHPLIB-556] - allowDiskUse option for find should be documented as only being supported in 4.4+
  • [PHPLIB-559] - Aggregate operation should implement Explainable
  • [PHPLIB-566] - Treat CursorNotFound as a resumable change stream error

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