Release Notes - MongoDB Shell - Version 1.6.1 - HTML format


  • [MONGOSH-955] - printjson(...) will elide results if there are too many
  • [MONGOSH-1250] - [MONGOSH] Incomplete output from collMod operation
  • [MONGOSH-1284] - mongosh does not pass retryWrites parameter correctly
  • [MONGOSH-1320] - crashes on K8s DB pods
  • [MONGOSH-1324] - mongosh single-line history does not account properly for multiline template strings
  • [MONGOSH-1329] - Bad arithmetic on getShardDistribution


  • [MONGOSH-1050] - convertShardKeyToHashed() shall be supported by mongosh


  • [MONGOSH-1218] - Add os info to telemetry in MONGOSH
  • [MONGOSH-1272] - Allow passing Mongo instance as first argument to Mongo ctor
  • [MONGOSH-1303] - Change 'serverVersions' tag for 'getShardedDataDistribution' to v6.0.3
  • [MONGOSH-1315] - Bump driver version to 4.12.1

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