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When an import is in progress, disable import buttons across Compass

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      As a result of the import and export flows now becoming non-blocking functionality in Compass we need to maintain the current state of importing and exporting with the rest of Compass. Let's add an import-export react context to Compass to provide the current state of import and export. We can add a provider of import-export state to compass-home’s Workspace component. Subscribers like compass-crud and compass-aggregations get the status of import-export with a hook so it knows that the import/export buttons can be disabled. The state is updated from import-export.

      Something like:
      type ImportExportState =

      {   isImportInProgress: boolean;   isExportInProgress: boolean; }


      With a context value:
      type ImportExportContext =

      {   updateImportExportState: (newState: ImportExportState) => void;   importExportState: ImportExportState; }


      Once the import-export context is available we can use it from other parts of Compass. When an import is in progress the import button in the collection toolbar is disabled, with a tooltip that indicates an operation is in progress and only one operation can happen at once.

      The `State` section of the UI technical design has more detailed information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MfWGXHcCUTVTQBSpfhUwSYUwCGSpU-O3pzd0diJ3UUY/edit#heading=h.28rryh7bm7kx 

      Note: No concrete import example in the designs as it's all LeafyGreen components

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            rhys.howell@mongodb.com Rhys Howell
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