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Using internal constructor of any ValueObject par of an aggregate is not possible ?

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      I would like to work with Domain Driven Design Tactical patterns, using MongoDb as the storage engine of my aggregates.

      To ensure object encapsulation I need to provide internal scoped constructor (for internal object creation in my Domain layer), and public factories for extra domain layer object creation.


      Example :


          public class FlashInfo : AggregateRoot<FlashInfoId>
              public Information Text { get; private set; }
              public DateTime ActivationDate { get; private set; }
              public DateTime? LastModified { get; private set; }
              public User CreatedBy { get; private set; }
              public User ModifiedBy { get; private set; }
           // ...

      Value Object 

          public class Information : Value<Information>
             public string Text { get; } // Satisfy the serialization requirements 
             internal Information(string text)
                  Text = text;
              public static implicit operator string(Information info) => info.Text;
              public static Information CreateInformation(string text)
                  return new Information(text);
              private static void CheckValidity(string text)
                  if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(text))
                      throw new InformationTextIsEmptyException("The information text must not be null or empty");            
      if (text.Length > 100)
                      throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(nameof(text), "The information text cannot be longer that 100 characters");

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