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Absorb or render unnecessary patches used by vcpkg to build the driver

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      We have been packaged by vcpkg, much like we are for homebrew. This is a very good thing for us as it means that now on both MacOS and Windows the driver can be installed by end users without needing to understand the details of how to build the driver.

      However, their integration contains several patches that they drop on the code before building.

      We should research these patches and understand why they are necessary or desirable for vcpkg, and then either take those patches ourselves, or add the necessary build system support to render them unnecessary, so that vcpkg can use the stock code.

      We should also remember to inform the vcpkg maintainer for mongo-cxx-driver (along with the homebrew one), when we make significant changes to our build or install process, so that they aren't caught off guard.

      You can see the current list of patch files here:


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