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Update documentation of third-party licenses



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    • Fix Version/s: legacy-1.1.2
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      Despite claiming to be release under Apache 2.0, this project includes code released under several other licenses.

      • custom license: src/mongo/util/scopeguard.h
        The license requires that the copyright notice and the permission notice "appear in supporting documentation". This is currently not the case. I suggest adding a COPYING file with all the licenses used and add that file to the documentation;
      • Affero GPL-3 with OpenSSL exception: src/mongo/base/compare_numbers.h
        If possible I suggest changing the license of this file to Apache 2.0. As I understand the license, including this file means that the project as a whole is released under Affero GPL-3;
      • public domain: src/third_party/tz/* src/third_party/murmurhash3/*
        If possible copyright owner should be contacted so that an alternative license is proposed. As far as I know "public domain" is not recognised in all the countries, and thus you maybe using software without any license there;
      • Zlib + not unclaimed changes: src/mongo/util/md5.*
        I guess these should be considered to be released under Apache 2.0, or Zlib, but an explicit note will benefit everybody;
      • Expat: src/third_party/restclient/*;
      • BSD-3-clause: src/third_party/gtest-1.7.0/*;
      • Public domain or Expat: src/third_party/jsoncpp/




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