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mongoCursor->next(); should return an error (as opposed to error document)

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      We recently forgot to add the necessary permissions for a user, whereupon something interesting happened:

      A call to mongo::DBClientBase::query() returned with a DBClientCursor, as expected, but the following code then failed because one of our field check reported a missing field that was expected in the BSONObj we expected after getting the first object.

        mongo::BSONObj o = mongoCursor->next();
        OurObject result;
        BsonToObject(o, result);

      Looking into it we finally discovered that the BSONObj returned by mongoCursor->next() was not one from the collection in question, but an Error Object:

      { $err: "not authorized for query on commDB.devicedata", code: 13 }

      getLastError() did not return anything, though - and we wonder now why there was no exception thrown, as it's impossible to detect the error state and avoid attempting the conversion, it seems.

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