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FLE GA docs changes

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      Before the FLE GA release, we should do a the following:

      1. Remove any indication that the feature is in beta from our docs. These docs were added in GODRIVER-1220.
      2. Change our documentation about setting up libmongocrypt to reflect changes made in MONGOCRYPT-192 (instructions to install from PPA on Linux), MONGOCRYPT-200 (stable URL for Windows artifcats), and MONGOCRYPT-201 (instructions to install on macOS).
      3. Change our Evergreen config to follow the instructions we're giving users. At the very least, we should replace the Evergreen URL for Windows artifacts with the stable Windows URL from MONGOCRYPT-200. If it's possible to distinguish between Linux and macOS during Evergreen setup, we should add separate instructions for those platforms as well (right now, they're both configured to clone the repo and build from source).

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            divjot.arora@mongodb.com Divjot Arora (Inactive)
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