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Sync BSON Corpus tests to BSON-EXT

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      Use Case

      As a driver engineer
      I want to have bson-ext test with the latest corpus tests.
      So that I have a baseline of correct functionality

      User Impact

      *What is the number of impacted customers? How severe is the impact? Is anyone blocked or broken?

      • It relates to the support of this library either we assert correctness or we don't support bson-ext.


      • Driver v4


      • How many spec updates have not made it to BSON-EXT?

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Sync the tests and if they fail and it's not a security issue, file a separate bug unless it's a very quick fix.

      Implementation Requirements

      • Sync tests
      • Fix failures

      Documentation Requirements

      • n/a

      Follow Up Requirements

      • Since this lib is seldom visited is there a way we can get more warning about it falling behind on a spec sync?

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