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Consider putting skip stages below fetch stages

    • Fully Compatible
    • v4.0, v3.6, v3.4
    • Query 2018-07-02, Query 2018-07-16, Query 2018-07-30

      Suppose we have a query for which the following conditions hold:

      1. The query predicates can all be answered using an index.
      2. The query is not covered (i.e. it requires a fetch stage) because there is no projection.
      3. There is a large skip value.

      Currently, we will fetch documents for all the skipped results. This means unnecessary IO / unnecessarily large nscannedObjects. As an optimization, we could avoid the extra fetching by putting the skip stage below the fetch.

      As an example, say we have documents of the form {a: <int>, b: <int>, c: <int>, x: <int>} and an index {a: 1, b: 1, c: 1}. The following query

      db.coll.find({a: 3, b: 4}).sort({c: 1}).skip(10000);

      can use the index to answer both query predicates and to do the sort. However, the query is not covered: we need to fetch documents in order to get the '_id' and 'x' fields. In this case it is possible to put the skip stage below the fetch in order to avoid fetching the 10,000 skipped documents.

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