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Errors writing to temporary collections during mapReduce command execution should be operation-fatal

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    • 2.6.6, 2.8.0-rc2
    • Affects Version/s: 2.6.4
    • Component/s: MapReduce
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      Running the below Map Reduce job put the Mongodb instance in this state every time and its reproducible.

      mapFunc = function(){var k = [this.index[2],this.index[0],this.index[1]]; var v = {'Count':1, 'TotalWeight':this.value['Volume']}; emit(k,v);}
      reduceFunc = function(key,emits){total = {'Count':0, 'TotalWeight':0.0}; for (var i in emits){ total['Count'] += 1; total['TotalWeight'] += emits[i]['TotalWeight'];} return total;}
      Running the below Map Reduce job put the Mongodb instance in this state every time and its reproducible. mapFunc = function(){ var k = [ this .index[2], this .index[0], this .index[1]]; var v = { 'Count' :1, 'TotalWeight' : this .value[ 'Volume' ]}; emit(k,v);} reduceFunc = function(key,emits){total = { 'Count' :0, 'TotalWeight' :0.0}; for ( var i in emits){ total[ 'Count' ] += 1; total[ 'TotalWeight' ] += emits[i][ 'TotalWeight' ];} return total;} db.RawData.mapReduce(mapFunc,reduceFunc, 'Weights' )

      A error in map-reduce job crashes the secondary servers, and prevents the secondaries from starting again. I know what the error is in my map function that causes the job to fail, but that shouldn't be leaving my mongodb instance in a irrecoverable state. The primary is up and running, but pushed to a secondary since that's the only replica that's running.

      The map function uses a list for a key, which is not supported. The unique index constraint is enforced on the last index of the list, which is not unique. Once I change it to a dictionary or concatenated string, it works just fine.

      Every time I try starting the secondary server, I get the same error "duplicate key error index" and it crashes. I had to wipe out the secondaries and let Mongodb do a clean sync, which came with a big downtime.

      This looks to be a mongodb bug. I am running a 3 replica set environment with 4 shards. All 4 shard servers in the 2 secondaries crashed with the same error.

      Any help is greatly appreciated. If there is a way to recover from current state, Please let me know as well.


      2014-10-07T00:28:32.159+0000 [conn18913] end connection (9 connections now open)
      2014-10-07T00:28:32.159+0000 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #18915 (10 connections now open)
      2014-10-07T00:28:32.160+0000 [conn18915]  authenticate db: local { authenticate: 1, nonce: "xxx", user: "__system", key: "xxx" }
      2014-10-07T00:28:40.150+0000 [repl writer worker 1] ERROR: writer worker caught exception:  :: caused by :: 11000 insertDocument :: caused by :: 11000 E11000 duplicate key error index: ModelDatabase.tmp.mr.RawData_0.$_id_  dup key: { : "009020" } on: { ts: Timestamp 1412641720000|2, h: -267785287631189678, v: 2, op: "i", ns: "ModelDatabase.tmp.mr.RawData_0", o: { _id: [ "20111028", "0088", "009020" ], value: { Count: 6.0, TotalWeight: 7.0 } } }
      2014-10-07T00:28:40.150+0000 [repl writer worker 1] Fatal Assertion 16360
      2014-10-07T00:28:40.150+0000 [repl writer worker 1] 

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