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Segmentation fault on mongod processes and mongo shell

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    • Affects Version/s: 2.6.5
    • Component/s: Shell, Stability
    • Environment:
      OS : Gentoo Linux
      Kernel 3.9.9
      GCC : tested on 4.6.4 / 4.7.3-r1 / 4.8.3
      glic : tested on 2.15-r3 and 2.19-r1
      Boost : tested on 1.53.0 and 1.55.0-r2
    • Linux

      Since we upgraded from 2.4.10 to 2.6.5, some nodes crash randomly by segmentation fault (mongod.txt). On these nodes, the mongo shell won't start and do a segfault on startup (mongo-shell.txt).
      We have tried to recompile mongodb with different versions of gcc or of the gilbc, which don't solve the problem. Same result when we disable all the compilation options (use-system-yaml, use-system-boost, use-system-pcre...).
      The default compilation options are available in this ebuild : http://sources.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/gentoo-x86/dev-db/mongodb/mongodb-2.6.5.ebuild?view=markup

      Other nodes have the same configuration, and mongo runs perfectly.

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