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Secondaries unable to keep up with primary under WiredTiger

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    • Quint Iteration 7, QuInt A (10/12/15), QuInt C (11/23/15), Repl 2016-08-29, Repl 2016-09-19, Repl 2016-10-10, Repl 2016-10-31

      • hardware: 24 CPUs, 64 GB memory, SSD (all mongods and clients on same machine)
      • start 3-member replica set with following options:
        mongod --oplogSize 50 --storageEngine wiredTiger --nojournal --replSet ...

        Note: repros with journal also, ran without journal to rule out that as a cause.

      • Simple small document insert workload: 5-16 threads (number doesn't matter to the repro) each inserting small documents {_id:..., x:0} in batches of 10k

      Replica lag grows unbounded as secondaries process ops at maybe 50-80% the rate of the primary.

      Some stats of note:



      • op rate on secondary is maybe half that on primary
      • ops in flight (i.e. active queues) is much less even on the secondary, although that isn't reflected in the reported op rates
      • secondary is executing far more search near calls, about one per document, vs what appears to be about one every 100 documents on primary

      Will get stack traces.

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