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setParameter should log at level 0

    • Fully Compatible
    • v4.0, v3.6, v3.4
    • Sharding 2017-12-04, Sharding 2018-01-01, Sharding 2017-12-18

      setParameter is used to modify a variety of server settings, many of which can have a marked impact on server behaviour and/or performance. Thus, in the context of analysing a logfile, it is vital to be aware of any changes to such parameters.

      Since setParameter normally runs very fast, it will only be logged if logLevel is >= 1. It would be much better if the setParameter command was logged at the default log level of 0.

      Two likely ways this could be done are either:

      1. forcing the normal command logging to be performed (for setParameter) irrespective of slowms (probably not so nice to implement):
        2015-06-15T13:20:42.990+1000 [conn1423] command admin.$cmd command: setParameter { setParameter: 1.0, parameterName: value, ... } keyUpdates:0 numYields:0  reslen:46 5ms
      2. or outputting a new log line (probably much easier to implement):
        2015-06-15T13:20:42.990+1000 [conn1423] setParameter { parameterName: value, ... }

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            kevin.pulo@mongodb.com Kevin Pulo
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