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currentOp command should return cursor

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    • 3.5.10
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    • Query 2017-04-17, Query 2017-05-08, Query 2017-05-29, Query 2017-06-19, Query 2017-07-10
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      mongos> db.currentOp(true)
      2015-07-07T11:26:00.759-0700 error: {
      	"$err" : "BufBuilder attempted to grow() to 134217728 bytes, past the 64MB limit.",
      	"code" : 13548
      } at src/mongo/shell/query.js:131

      There are 225 connections to the mongos, with 40 shards, each
      with a 5-member replica set. lsof shows ~4600 open connections to the mongos process.

      Trying to grow a buffer to 134 MB for the output of 4600 connections seems a little large (~32 kB/connection entry), but making the command scale is the goal.

      Introducing a cursor to the command (and others like it) would allow it to work on arbitrarily sized clusters.

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