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Memory growth in __wt_session_get_btree in __checkpoint_worker under WiredTiger

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    • 3.0.6
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      This is ticket is related to the latest issue discussed on SERVER-17456. The key features of the test involve:

      • relatively large number of collections (16k)
      • 16 threads each looping through 1k of the 16k collections writing a record and doing a createIndex (on an existing index, not a new index).

      Memory outside WT cache is observed to steadily grow over a period of hours in a test on 3.0.5:

      • allocated memory outside of WT cache (3rd line) grows steadily.
      • there is a sudden increase corresponding to the known issue with WT journal allocation in 3.0.5.
      • aside from that sudden jump the growth in non-cache memory is linear over time.
      • number of cached cursors is also growing and that is a known potential user of memory, but the shape of the growth curve for number of cursors does not match the linear shape of the growth of non-cached memory.

      Memory profiling using tcmalloc HEAPPROFILE shows the following as a candidate for the culprit: various allocations within in __checkpoint_worker (labeled "A" below) steadily grow, and account for about 1.5 GB of non-cache memory by the end of this run:

        1. heap.png
          313 kB
        2. ss.png
          81 kB
        3. heap2.png
          160 kB
        4. close_idle_time=300.png
          54 kB
        5. mem.png
          132 kB

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