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Rollback does not wait for applier to finish before starting

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      This error message is a bit mislead as well. The error is due to trying to re-apply the last/current oplog entry again.

      [rsSync] Fatal assertion 34361 OplogOutOfOrder Attempted to apply an earlier oplog entry (ts: Dec 18 01:16:07:1) when our lastWrittenOptime was (term: 2, timestamp: Dec 18 01:16:07:1)

      After looking a bit more into this, I have found this sequence which caused the problem:

      • Chained replication
      • Failover with rollback
      • Chained replica starts rollback while still apply with buffered oplog entries

      Under these conditions it is race where this error occurs when the rollback happens during/before all the buffered oplog entries are applied.

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            scotthernandez Scott Hernandez (Inactive)
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