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Insert workload stalled at 96% cache utilization



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    • Storage 2016-10-31


      Note: this may be the same underlying issue as SERVER-25974, but some of the metrics appear to be different, and this ticket has a specific simple repro not clearly tied to the customer issue seen on SERVER-25974, so opening as a separate ticket for now until/unless we can demonstrate that they are the same issue.

      The insert repro workload from SERVER-20306, also attached to this ticket as repro-32-insert.sh, gets stuck with cache utilization at about 96%:

      • problems start at A, pretty much complete stuck at B
      • ftdc stalls ("ftdc samples/s") suggest that application threads are sometimes getting stuck for extended periods doing evictions
      • application threads seem to be starved for work to do:
        • "pages walked for eviction" has gone up but "pages seen by eviction walks" has gone down
        • application threads are often finding the queue empty
        • pages evicted by application threads is not high

      I've also attached stack traces captured during the stuck period, although I don't think they give much insight.


        1. david-screenshot.png
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          David Hows
        2. diagnostic.tar
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          Bruce Lucas
        3. repro-32-insert.sh
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          Bruce Lucas
        4. stacks1.txt
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          Bruce Lucas
        5. stacks2.txt
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          Bruce Lucas
        6. stacks3.txt
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          Bruce Lucas
        7. stuck.png
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          Bruce Lucas

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