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Push $sort before $project and $addFields

    • Query Optimization

      In some cases, a $sort aggregation stage can swap with a preceding $project. Consider the following example:

      db.c.createIndex({a: 1});
      db.c.aggregate([{$project: {a: 1, b: 1}}, {$sort: {a: 1}}]);

      An explain of this aggregation shows that a COLLSCAN will feed the $project => $sort pipeline. If the agg optimization phase were to swap the $sort with the $project, however, it could push down the $sort and obtain the desired ordering via an index scan. This would remove the sort stage from the query plan entirely, which could result in a substantial performance improvement.

      We would probably want to apply this optimization only if the query planner's sort analysis shows that the sort can be obtained via an appropriate index scan.

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