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Write a multiversion test which upgrades through several versions

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    • 3.4.0-rc2
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    • Query 2016-10-31, Query 2016-11-21

      Although we have tests in various release branches for upgrades from one version to the next, we do not have a test which ensures that we can upgrade through several versions (e.g. 2.6=>3.0=>3.2=>3.4). We should write a test with the following structure:

      • For each version downloaded during the multiversion suite setup:
        • Start a node of that version, without clearing data files from the previous iteration.
        • Create a new collection.
        • Insert a document into the new collection.
        • Create an index on the new collection.

      We may also want a similar test which does repeated rolling upgrades of a replica set from one version to the next.

            marko.vojvodic@mongodb.com Marko Vojvodic
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