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Related to SERVER-27753 - Custom build crashes.

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    • Affects Version/s: 3.2.11
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      We have seen two crash's of the custom build provided on SERVER-27753 Whilst this is not a current production issue I thought it was prudent to report this issue with the custom build before it makes it into a production release.

      Unable to find source-code formatter for language: log. Available languages are: actionscript, ada, applescript, bash, c, c#, c++, cpp, css, erlang, go, groovy, haskell, html, java, javascript, js, json, lua, none, nyan, objc, perl, php, python, r, rainbow, ruby, scala, sh, sql, swift, visualbasic, xml, yaml
      Mar 15 06:44:04 gsp-mew-ma03 mongod.27017[37607]: [WTJournalFlusher] Fatal Assertion 28559
      Mar 15 06:44:04 gsp-mew-ma03 mongod.27017[37607]: [WTJournalFlusher] #012#012***aborting after fassert() failure#012#012
      Mar 15 06:44:04 gsp-mew-ma03 mongod.27017[37607]: [thread1] Got signal: 6 (Aborted).#012#012 0x132d7e2 0x132c939 0x132d142 0x7fd5d779b340 0x7fd5d73fccc9 0x7fd5d74000d8 0x12b3ac2 0x10ada13 0x969c51 0x969d26 0x969eea 0x968106 0x19bf357 0x19def83 0x1a785d1 0x1a7fc12 0x19f6715 0x1aaa399 0x1aaa6b5 0x96a128 0x1aaacd3 0x1aac5cb 0x1a99d7d 0x1a1529d 0x7fd5d7793182 0x7fd5d74c047d#012

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