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mongo cli --password is masked, but not when using mongodb:// connection string

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    • v4.0, v3.6, v3.4
    • Platforms 2018-07-30
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      When using the following:

      $ mongo --host --user admin --password superSecret12345
      $ ps auxww | grep mongo
      $ mongo mongodb://admin:superSecret12345@
      $ ps auxww | grep mongo

      You see that --password value has been masked with "x" characters, so you don't easily expose the password to others. However, when connecting using the mongodb:// connection string, which is still waiting to be documented ( DOCS-9033 ) , the password is not masked.

      In the mongodb:// method as well, the password is also leaked into the stdout of the cli when it displays "connecting to: mongodb://admin:superSecret12345@"

      I believe these should be masked in the same way, so the password is never displayed in the running process cmdline or in the stdout line displayed saying it is connecting.

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