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Shell needs an "assert failed with code" function that works for any command response

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    • 3.7.1
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    • TIG 2018-1-15, TIG 2018-1-29
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      I'm writing tests that use a variety of different commands and need to assert that they all fail with a particular code. However, the experience is extremely frustrating because the existing assert helpers all require a particular response format, and can't be used uniformly throughout:

      • Error responses with a code field are caught by assert.commandWorked()
      • Error responses with writeError are caught by assert.writeError()
      • I have no idea if anyone can handle the plural writeErrors generated when using the bulk API
      • Any other error response format I'm missing?

      I would be very happy if we had one magic function that just "did the right thing" based on the response type / format.

            kevin.albertson@mongodb.com Kevin Albertson
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