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Enterprise Windows 2008R2 WiredTiger develop shouldn't run the push task

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      Originally, I had thought that not setting push_path, push_bucket, push_name, and push_arch in the Enterprise Windows 2008R2 WiredTiger develop builder's expansions would be sufficient to make the "push" Evergreen task a no-op; however, I have learned that go-yaml/yaml has known behavior differences in how the merge key "<<:" is implemented (see go-yaml/yaml#81 and go-yaml/yaml#325) that cause it inherit the Enterprise Windows 2008R2 builder's configuration via the enterprise-windows-64-2k8-template anchor. This means that when the "push" task runs on the Enterprise Windows 2008R2 WiredTiger develop builder, the binaries are being uploaded to the same S3 path. The releases for MongoDB happen via the mongo-release Evergreen project, so this issue only impacts the contents of the -latest nightly releases.

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