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ChangeStream performance issues



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      For last 3 monthes our team has issues with MongoDB ChangeStream performance.


      Numbers that we want to achieve - stable 15k documents/sec for 3 ChangeStream consumers over independent collections/databases. 

      Current performance numbers - about 7-8k for 1 ChangeStream consumer.


      Question: How can we achieve desired performance numbers on current cluster setup?


      MongoDB Cluster deployed on AWS and has following topology:

        Shards: 6 shards with PSA arcitecture. Primary/Secondary - m5.xlarge nodes with EBS disks (2TB of disk space and 6k IOPS for each shard), arbiter - t2.medium node

        Mongos: 3 m5.xlarge nodes, write load balanced across all of it

        Config server: replica set of 3 m5.large nodes


      Key points of our work:

      • changing number of shards and proper collection sharding don't boost performance
      • increasing instance type for shards and disk shape has low impact on performance
      • monitoring for cluster don't show any kind of bottlenecks. CPU, memory, disk usage, networking values for shards and mongos are in norm
      • increasing document size degrade ChangeStream performance. We pass _id field only
      • increasing number of writes decrease ChangeStream performance: 8k+/sec writes - 8k/sec consume, 12k/sec writes - 5k/sec consume, 14k/sec writes - 3k/sec consume
      • tuning MongoDB server side settings don't improve performance: decreasing waitForSecondaryBeforeNoopWriteMS, increasing of __ ShardingTaskExecutorPoolMaxConnecting and __ replWriterThreadCount
      • tuning client side settings don't improve performance: changing of batch size, number of connections, filter for inserts and updates
      • profiling of client side show large waiting time on acquiring of ChangeStream notification (detailed info in attachments)





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