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Deadlock between S lock acquisition on secondary and prepare conflict

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    • Repl 2019-05-06

      The following deadlock can occur:
      1) A transaction goes in prepare in oplog application
      2) A user operation acquires a lock in mode S and then blocks on a prepare conflict with the prepared transaction.
      3) The commit of the prepared transaction attempts to reacquire (since the lock was yielded) an IX lock that conflicts with the mode S lock and blocks.

      Possible solutions:
      1) Do not yield locks for prepared transactions on secondaries.
      2) Say such a user operation is illegal. We do not think they can occur today.
      3) Yield locks in prepare conflicts

            judah.schvimer@mongodb.com Judah Schvimer
            judah.schvimer@mongodb.com Judah Schvimer
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