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Adding arbiter to PSS deployment using mmap causes 4.0.13 server to segfault

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      In the Ruby driver test suite we have had mmapv1 configurations on 4.0 servers. These are tested in standalone and RS (PSS) topologies and have worked fine up to yesterday.

      Yesterday I added an arbiter to the replica set topologies to test handshake/authentication against arbiters. This is causing segfaults in mongods in the mmapv1 deployments.

      Build 1: https://evergreen.mongodb.com/build/mongo_ruby_driver_mmapv1__mongodb_version~4.0_topology~replica_set_ruby~ruby_2.6_os~rhel70_storage_engine~mmapv1_patch_8cf29a2bc69e3e6f6cba0dfe658c978f5dc7ef8d_5dd981d51e2d176959d58768_19_11_23_19_00_39/

      Build 2: https://evergreen.mongodb.com/build/mongo_ruby_driver_mmapv1__mongodb_version~3.6_topology~replica_set_ruby~ruby_2.6_os~rhel70_storage_engine~mmapv1_patch_8cf29a2bc69e3e6f6cba0dfe658c978f5dc7ef8d_5dd981d51e2d176959d58768_19_11_23_19_00_39/

      If you look at the server logs, 2 out of 3 mongods in each build have died with segfaults. The remaining mongod is unable to establish a primary hence the test suite fails from that point on.

      Please disregard the claimed 3.6 server version, both builds are using 4.0.13.

      What additional information do I need to provide?

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