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Aborting index builders through the IndexBuildsCoordinator does not always abort the index builders



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    • Execution Team 2020-04-06


      It's possible that the abort signal gets sent to the index builder too late into the index build process, as in the index is about to commit. This makes the abort functionality in the IndexBuildsCoordinator misleading and confusing as to what actually happened to the index builder.


      [ReplWriterWorker-6] createCollection: test.foo with provided UUID: 65abe577-c94b-40fa-94ed-db654957c40f and options: { uuid: UUID("65abe577-c94b-40fa-94ed-db654957c40f") }
      [ReplWriterWorker-6] index build: done building index _id_ on ns test.foo
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] index build: starting on test.foo properties: { v: 2, key: { _fts: "text", _ftsx: 1 }, name: "x_index", default_language: "spanish", weights: { x: 1 }, language_override: "language", textIndexVersion: 3 } using method: Hybrid
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] build may temporarily use up to 500 megabytes of RAM
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] Index build initialized: 7507aa06-1830-4800-9ec7-b0300f82ff30: test.foo (65abe577-c94b-40fa-94ed-db654957c40f ): indexes: 1
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] index build: collection scan done. scanned 1 total records in 0 seconds
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] failed to create WiredTiger bulk cursor: Device or resource busy
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] falling back to non-bulk cursor for index table:index-3--4689809868312514907
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] index build: inserted 1 keys from external sorter into index in 0 seconds
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] index build: done building index x_index on ns test.foo
      [ReplWriterWorker-13] CMD: dropIndexes test.foo: "x_index" [ReplWriterWorker-13] IndexBuildsCoordinator::abortIndexBuildByIndexNamesNoWait - active index builds: 1
      [ReplWriterWorker-13] IndexBuildsCoordinator::abortIndexBuildByIndexNamesNoWait - 7507aa06-1830-4800-9ec7-b0300f82ff30: collection: 65abe577-c94b-40fa-94ed-db654957c40f; indexes: 1 [x_index]; method: single phase
      [ReplWriterWorker-13] About to abort index builder: 7507aa06-1830-4800-9ec7-b0300f82ff30
      [ReplWriterWorker-13] Waiting until index build with UUID 7507aa06-1830-4800-9ec7-b0300f82ff30 is finished
      [IndexBuildsCoordinatorMongod-0] Index build completed successfully: 7507aa06-1830-4800-9ec7-b0300f82ff30: test.foo ( 65abe577-c94b-40fa-94ed-db654957c40f ). Index specs built: 1. Indexes in catalog before build: 1. Indexes in catalog after build: 2


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