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Update repair to fix multikey errors without performing an index rebuild

    • Fully Compatible
    • v4.4
    • Execution Team 2020-05-04, Execution Team 2020-07-27, Execution Team 2020-08-10

      When we have validation errors with multikey flags such as:

      "... is not multi-key but has more than one key in document"

      would be great when running repair if we could actually correct these without needing to rebuild the index.

      Proposed solution:

      • If an index is not multikey and a multikey document is found, then the index will be set to multikey and the multikey paths will be updated for that index.
      • If a multikey index's multikey paths do not cover a multikey document, then the index‚Äôs multikey paths will be updated.
      • If a multikey index has multikey paths that are not associated with any multikey document, this is not an error. This will be reported as a warning, and there will be no attempt to correct the index. To clear the warning, the index can be rebuilt by the user.

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