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SIGUSR2 stack collection closes connections

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      I ran the repro script in SERVER-48395 while sending mongod a SIGUSR2 every 10 seconds to collect stack traces. This resulted in network errors and failed operations at the application

      Error: error doing query: failed: network error while attempting to run command 'insert' on host ''  :

      accompanied by messages from the mongo shell like

      {"t":{"$date":"2020-05-25T15:07:29.723Z"},"s":"I",  "c":"NETWORK",  "id":20120,   "ctx":"js","msg":"Trying to reconnnect","attr":{"connString":" failed"}}
      {"t":{"$date":"2020-05-25T15:07:29.724Z"},"s":"I",  "c":"NETWORK",  "id":20125,   "ctx":"js","msg":"DBClientConnection failed to receive message","attr":{"connString":"","error":"HostUnreachable: Connection closed by peer"}}

      The mongod logs tell a similar story:

      The blue markers on the timeline show the points at which SIGUSR2 was received. These are accompanied by some number of connections ended (red curve) and a smaller number of connections accepted (blue curve), resulting in a net decrease of connections each time (green curve)

      I wonder if we might not be re-trying network operations when they return the EINTR that would result from SIGUSR2.

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