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Change streams may be subject to spurious "CappedPositionLost" when resuming

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    • Query 2020-08-24, Query 2020-09-07

      Our testing infrastructure uncovered a rare case where this might happen, detailed in SERVER-49690. When a change stream is resuming, it may encounter this error. As far as I know this has never been observed, but I see no reason it couldn't happen. I would recommend looking into whether we can reproduce this. If so, I think we should do one of the following:
      1) Disabling yielding when doing the oplog check upon resume during the change stream
      2) Adding a similar retry loop within the change stream
      3) Ensuring drivers will retry this error

      During SERVER-49690 I looked into option #1 but the patch quickly exploded. I'll attach my WIP but it certainly won't compile and doesn't plumb the yield policy far enough to fix the issue.

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