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Replicate updates changing value under new shard key pattern as delete + insert in a transaction

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    • Sharding 2020-10-19, Sharding 2020-11-02, Sharding 2020-11-16
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      This is analogous to updates changing the value under the current shard key pattern. Taking inspiration from WouldChangeOwningShard, one option is to introduce a new WouldChangeOwningRecipientShard error code. update_stage.cpp would throw a WouldChangeOwningRecipientShard exception to have the operation be retried as a delete + insert in a transaction. The exception could be handled in service_entry_point_common.cpp rather than bubbling all the way back to mongos. This is because the document being modified is still owned by the donor shard. Note that the case for WouldChangeOwningShard should therefore be checked before the case for WouldChangeOwningRecipientShard.

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