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Mark nodes returning InvalidReplicaSetConfig in heartbeats as down

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    • v4.4, v4.2, v4.0
    • Repl 2020-10-05, Repl 2020-10-19
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      The sender of heartbeats requests doesn't mark the nodes that return InvalidReplicaSetConfig errors as down or up, the state of that node remains the previous state - Unknown or Down. We should mark the node as down while keeping sending heartbeats to it.

      Original description:

      Currently a removed node responds InvalidReplicaSetConfig to heartbeat requests. However that cannot be distinguished from real invalid replica set configs, so that disallow_adding_initialized_node2.js has to keep sending heartbeats even if the config is invalid. We could also give it a new error code if we think NodeNotFound is not descriptive.

            siyuan.zhou@mongodb.com Siyuan Zhou
            siyuan.zhou@mongodb.com Siyuan Zhou
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