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Uptime reporter disables autosplit during ShardingTest initialization

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      Starting from v4.2, disabling the balancer is also resulting in disabling the autosplitter.

      When a ShardingTest is initialized with enableAutoSplit: true, the balancer is disabled and autosplitter is enabled.

      Those 2 operations are not happening atomically, so there is a small window in which both components are disabled. This makes it possible for the v4.0 ShardingUptimeReporter to kick in and assume - until next refresh in 10 seconds - that autospliting is disabled.

      When that happens, autosplit.js fails in the sharding_last_stable_mongos_and_mixed_shards suite between v4.2 and v4.0 .


      Both v4.2 and v4.0 are flagged as affected, but the fix should target just one version depending on how it will be implemented: fixing the test in v4.2 (more likely) or the code in v4.0.

            pierlauro.sciarelli@mongodb.com Pierlauro Sciarelli
            pierlauro.sciarelli@mongodb.com Pierlauro Sciarelli
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