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[RRFaM] Add jstest that exercises both retryable FaM behaviors

    • Fully Compatible
    • v5.0, v4.4, v4.2, v4.0
    • Repl 2021-05-17, Repl 2021-05-31

      The test should run two iterations, one with the classic retryable FaM behavior and one with the new behavior. Each iteration should:

      • Perform a FaM upsert (taking the insert path), asking for the preImage to be returned
        • Another upsert (also taking the insert path) asking for the postImage
      • A FaM update asking for the preImage
        • And the postImage
      • A FaM remove asking for the preImage
        • And the postImage

      After each request, the test should capture the response and retry the command. Assert that the responses match.

      We should also consider adding the RRFaM server parameter to this fuzz configuration generator. Note that turning on the parameters should not actually run RRFaM until the feature flag is also flipped/removed.

            daniel.gottlieb@mongodb.com Daniel Gottlieb (Inactive)
            daniel.gottlieb@mongodb.com Daniel Gottlieb (Inactive)
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