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[RRFaM] Add FSM test to perform retryable FaM while flipping server parameter

    • Fully Compatible
    • v5.0, v4.4, v4.2, v4.0
    • Repl 2021-05-17, Repl 2021-05-31
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      When allowing a server parameter be runtime changeable, there exists a class of bugs where a single logical operation making multiple reads of the value can see differing results. The most straightforward way to prevent that is to only read the dynamic value once.

      This test should flip the value of retryableFindAndModifyStorageLocation while performing retryable FaM upserts(inserts), updates and removes. This provides two benefits:

      • Ensuring that changing the server parameter is safe.
      • Providing coverage for both the existing and new retryable FaM behaviors in one localized test.

            daniel.gottlieb@mongodb.com Daniel Gottlieb (Inactive)
            daniel.gottlieb@mongodb.com Daniel Gottlieb (Inactive)
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