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Enable ValidateCollections Python hook to validate fast counts

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    • 5.1.0-rc0
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    • Execution Team 2021-08-23, Execution Team 2021-09-06, Execution Team 2021-09-20, Execution Team 2021-10-04
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      The changes from 3e95061 as part of SERVER-44650 updated jstests/libs/override_methods/validate_collections_on_shutdown.js to specify {full: true, enforceFastCount: true} to the validate command. However, validate_collections_on_shutdown.js is only run for MongoDB clusters spawned by the mongo shell using MongoRunner/ReplSetTest/ShardingTest. In particular, it isn't run for MongoDB clusters spawned by resmoke.py.

      Instead, resmoke.py-spawned MongoDB clusters use the ValidateCollections hook which runs jstests/hooks/run_validate_collections.js. The validateCollectionsThread() function currently only specifies {full: true} to the validate command. We would get more fast count validation from our tests by enabling it to be {full: true, enforceFastCount: true}. Doing so would likely require setting a TestData option for YAML suite files involving unclean shutdowns to keep the enforceFastCount=false behavior.

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