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Spike: Run the symbolizer on shell fixtures

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    • DAG 2022-04-18, DAG 2022-05-02
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      Currently, the stacktraces shown in Evergreen's logs are not very useful for mongodb-mongo-.* projects. This is due to the fact that these tracktraces are created without symbols and so do not contain very actionable debug information.

      We should integrate the symbolizer into how we run tests in Evergreen so that we can automatically symbolize any stacktraces that are created. This will allow Server engineers to more easily debug any failures in their tests.


      As a Server engineer,

      I want to see symbolized tracktraces in my Evergreen logs,

      so that I can easily debug my failures.



      • Symbolized stacktraces will be shown at the end of the test log they appear in


      TImebox: 2-3 days

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