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Make explain handling consistent between csfle and mongocryptd

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    • 6.0.1, 6.1.0-rc0
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    • v6.0
    • Security 2022-05-30, Security 2022-06-13, Security 2022-06-27

      Background & Motivation

      The current expectations of the "explain" command differ between csfle and mongocryptd.

      mongocryptd expects "encryptionInformation" as a sibling of "explain":

          "explain": {
              "find": "foo"
          "encryptionInformation": { "fields": [] },
          "$db": "db" // Appended by driver.

      csfle expects "encryptionInformation" nested in "explain":

          "explain": {
              "find": "foo",
              "encryptionInformation": { "fields": [] },
              "$db": "db"
          "$db": "db"

      mongocryptd and csfle return "encryptionInformation" nested in "explain". Neither csfle nor mongocryptd return "$db" in the reply.

      csfle requires a "$db" field be nested in the "explain" document matching the top-level "$db".

      mongod and mongos expect "encryptionInformation" nested in "explain".

      This is not urgent. libmongocrypt works around this in MONGOCRYPT-427. The consistent behavior would help simplify libmongocrypt auto encryption logic.

      Proposed Scope

      • csfle should parse "encryptionInformation" as either a sibling of "explain" or nested inside "explain". Allowing both supports the old behavior and new behavior.
      • csfle should not require "$db" nested inside "explain".

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