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Windows Service: --install output should go to the console, not the log file

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      Windows, installing mongod.exe or mongos.exe as a Windows Service
    • Server Development Platform

      If there is an error/failure when trying to install (or uninstall or reinstall) as a Windows service (using --install, --remove or --reinstall), you can't tell from the console where you typed the command because the error text went to the logfile (that you were required to specify on the command line). When you then can't start the service (because of the earlier, unseen, error) you need to look in the log file to find out what happened. This makes this feature harder to use than it needs to be.

      All text resulting from the attempt to install, remove or reinstall the service should go to the console; the --logpath setting needs to be copied to the registry to install the service, but it should not be used during the install itself.

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