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Implement no-op planShardedSearch in 5.0

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    • 4.4.22, 5.0.18
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    • Query Optimization
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    • v5.0, v4.4
    • QO 2023-04-03, QO 2023-04-17, QO 2023-05-01

      Currently planShardedSearch is only implemented in 6.0+. Thus when a sharded cluster receives a $search query with sort, it does not support merge sorting on $searchSortValues as mongos never got a sortSpec from mongot, resulting in incorrect query results (potentially not sorted results).

      The task of this ticket is to send a planShardedSearch request in sharded cluster in 5.0 to mongot, indicating to mongot that mongos does not support sort. Mongot will respond with an error if the query contains a sort, causing mongos to error out. This will solve the problem described above by returning an error rather than silently returning incorrect results.

            ben.shteinfeld@mongodb.com Ben Shteinfeld
            ben.shteinfeld@mongodb.com Ben Shteinfeld
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