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Handle the race between the getting and setting of the LogicalTimeValidator during sharding initialization

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    • Sharding NYC 2023-06-26
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      After SERVER-60466, a mongod started with --shardsvr but does not yet have a shard identity would temporarily use the replica set version of the LogicalTimeValidator, which would later get replaced by sharded version of the LogicalTimeValidator during sharding initialization. The LogicalTimeValidator is a unique pointer decoration on the ServiceContext. As a result, once the replica set LogicalTimeValidator is replaced by the sharded replica set. The replica set LogicalTimeValidator object would become invalid and could lead to segmentation fault as seen in BF-29030. One resolution would be to make the LogicalTimeValidator a shared_ptr decoration so threads that have the replica set LogicalTimeValidator while sharding initialization occurs can continue to use it until they are done.

            cheahuychou.mao@mongodb.com Cheahuychou Mao
            cheahuychou.mao@mongodb.com Cheahuychou Mao
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