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Have a way to utilize a constant to exclude tests that require the latest FCV

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      We would like to avoid hardcoding in the test suite tags for the latest release (ex. requires_fcv_73, see for instance https://github.com/mongodb/mongo/blob/6437bfdd90cc7d0fbb5dd9452986d342d832340e/buildscripts/resmokeconfig/suites/fcv_upgrade_downgrade_sharding_jscore_passthrough.yml#L152) and utilize some method to exclude tests that 'requires_fcv_73' by means of a constant (ex. REQUIRES_FCV_TAG_LATEST). The reason is that with every new release we'd need to add the new tag to the suite's yml (ex requires_fcv_80) and having a solution like that would allow us for new releases to be taken care automatically. This looks like it can be handled non trivially by modifying scripts in 'buildscripts/resmokelib'.
      Please see more information on the background of the issue in https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-81054.

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