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Make uninitialized_fcv_jscore_passthrough suites work with config shard build variant

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    • v8.0
    • Repl 2024-04-29, Repl 2024-05-13, Repl 2024-05-27, Repl 2024-06-24

      The uninitialized_fcv_jscore_passthrough suites pause initial sync at uninitialized FCV for the entire time. SERVER-86163 made transitionFromDedicatedConfigServer command in 8.0 do a w: all noop write. When initial sync is paused, this write is expected to time out waiting for write concern, causing these suites to not be able to start. So these suites are not compatible with the config shard build variant. For now, SERVER-89447 is going to make the config shard build variant on the 8.0 branch not run uninitialized_fcv_jscore_passthrough suites. We should find a way to allow these suites to work on the config shard build variant. 

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