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Eliminate long periods of silence when recovering with recovery_progress verbose messages enabled

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    • 2023-05-16 Chook-n-Nuts Farm, 2023-05-30 - 7.0 Readiness, StorEng - 2023-06-13
    • v7.0, v6.0, v5.0, v4.4

      We have had a few customer escalations where recovery was very slow and there were no log messages to indicate what WiredTiger was doing.

      MongoDB opens wiredtiger with recovery_progress verbose messaging enabled so it can provide feedback to a user (or TSE) who may be waiting for the system to restart.

      But apparently there can be long intervals (> 3 hours in one case) where we generate no recovery_progress messages. We should understand where WiredTiger might be spending time and add one or more additional recovery_progress messages so users will see continual progress.

            jie.chen@mongodb.com Jie Chen
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