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Simple improvements to the Code Change Report

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    • c(3x10^8)-StorEng - 2023-11-14

      This ticket will make simple improvements, based on feedback, to the Code Change Report which was introduced in WT-11658.

      Improvement suggestions:

      1. Add old and new line numbers for each line of code to the details section.
      2. Break details section up based on diff hunks or similar grouping of changes in different parts of a single file.
      3. Can we improve on the strikethrough for displaying deleted code?
      4. Can we make the details section more compact, eg through less vertical space between lines?
      5. Add hyperlinks from the list of files to that file in the details section.

            jeremy.thorp@mongodb.com Jeremy Thorp
            jeremy.thorp@mongodb.com Jeremy Thorp
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