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Wiredtiger history store created with id 1 on upgrade with log recovery



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      As part of WT-6374, a change was made to create the history store prior to replaying log files as the log files could trigger a write into the history store or something similar. That change relied on the assumption that recovery_file_scan will update the global file id counter, however that is actually done in a separate code line in wt_txn_recover as such when the history store is created in wt_txn_recover it is created with file id 1.

      This doesn't seem to be an issue when upgrading from any version that created a lookaside file (as the very first file) as the history store gets inserted at id 1 where the lookaside file was. However it appears that if we upgraded from an older version e.g. 3.2 file id 1 is in use. See: WT-6623.

      There's at least one to fix here and potentially a second:
      1. Update the global file id prior to creation of the history store.
      2. Potentially create a way to handle this situation arising for a user again, with some sort of utility to fix the metadata file?


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