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test/format wt_page_in_func reading freed memory

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      format-stress-ppc-zseries-test failed on ~ Ubuntu 18.04 zSeries

      Host: ubuntu1804-z-5.dallasisv.build.10gen.cc
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-6672 Don't increase the writegen number until RTS cleans up checkp… (#6115)

      • WT-6672 Don't increase the writegen number until RTS cleans up checkpoint
      • s_all fixed
      • Addressed review comments
      • Update base_write_gen instead of initializing it again
      • Updated comments and s_all fixed
      • Addressed review comments
      • Removed closing the dhandles and cursors of opened files after RTS
      • Remove updating the base write gen as part of recovery_setup_file
      • Set txn id to NONE when called from recovery and set btree write generation numbers of all open dhandles
      • Update the runtime write gen and don't let the base write gen go
        backwards. After rollback to stable, our write_gen may be ahead of the
        connection-wide base write gen. In that case it doesn't make sense to
        move it back.
      • Fix s_all.
      • Clear cell txnids during recovery.
      • Initialise the base write generation before rollback to stable in
        addition to after the recovery checkpoint.
      • Updated comments

      Co-authored-by: Alex Cameron <alex.cameron@10gen.com> | 18 Nov 20 11:58 UTC
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