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test_tiered05 failing

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      unit-test failed on ~ Ubuntu 18.04 PPC

      Host: ubuntu1804-ppc-5.pic.build.10gen.cc
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-7498 Add tiered work unit queues. (#6555)

      • WT-7498 Add tiered work unit queues.
      • Implement getters
      • Fix compilation error.
      • Add beginnings of tiered flush work loop.
      • First pass at internal thread handling all flushing.
      • Compilation fixes.
      • Compilation fixes.
      • Fix conditional variable use.
      • Add object: as a supported/known object type. Add it into schema_alter.
      • Fix alter_object to just update the metadata.
      • Hold schema lock for metadata changes.
      • Use schema lock. Remove unused variable.
      • Call metadata update directly with merged config.
      • Fix initialization.
      • Refactor and test from flush_tier path.
      • Add some debugging for visibility assertion.
      • Clean up for review.
      • More cleanup before review.
      • Remove unneeded initialization.
      • Initialize variables.
      • Free work units on destroy.
      • Whitespace
      • Remove ifdef. Rename stat.
      • Restore accidentally deleted line.
      • Fix session usage broken in earlier commit. | 24 May 21 20:51 UTC
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