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Fix mongodb-4.4 segmentation fault in compatibility test

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    • Storage - Ra 2021-09-06

      compatibility-test-for-newer-releases failed on Compatibility tests

      Host: ec2-3-239-120-20.compute-1.amazonaws.com
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-7514 Let tiered subsystem open files on behalf of block manager. (#6544)

      Fixes in block manager, btree and elsewhere to get a basic test running.
      Changed test_tiered04.py to add data to the btree.
      The tiered cursor is using the file cursor code.
      Grab all the file metadata and put it into the tiered metadata.
      Changed interface to WT_BLOCK_FILE_OPENER slightly.
      Removed bm->flush_tier() internal API, replaced by bm->switch_object().
      Handle tiered files similarly to btrees.
      Changed more uses of WT_DHANDLE_TYPE_BTREE to WT_DHANDLE_BTREE() macro.
      Do fancy config footwork for grabbing the 'file:' config to
      put into 'tiered:' (while removing readonly and tiered_object setting).
      Added FIXME comments.
      Add retries when flushing tier, EBUSY can happen with exclusive dhandle access.
      Fix error path for releasing dhandle. | 02 Jun 21 22:52 UTC
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